Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Creepy Samples Offering: No Escape


Hello there, dear readers, and welcome to another creepy samples offering. As many of you are already aware, I just love vampire stories. So, and in that vein, today's sample will be in that tradition.

No Escape tells the tale of a rather religious young lady that is keenly aware that a vampire is pursuing her, and wants to claim her as her own. No Escape is one of the shorter stories you'll find in my latest book, so we'll just commence at the beginning of the tale.

The fluorescent cross on the wall glowed steadily, casting a soft, protective hue across the room. Beneath it, Maria slept comfortably for the first time in weeks. She had never believed in vampires before; at least, not until that night six weeks ago when a darkly dressed young woman approached her at a night club.

At first, she had been enthralled by her new acquaintance and had been impressed with her unique style of dress and accent that spoke of some exotic, faraway land. She soon discovered the true nature of her new-found friend, however, for on that very same night the mysterious woman attacked her in a dark alley. She had held Maria fast with super-human strength; and with sharp fangs bared, had placed her cool, deathlike lips upon her vulnerable neck. In that terrifying moment, Maria had come face to face with the finality of death and her own demise.

She had managed to let out a scream of absolute terror just before the woman's fangs were able to pierce her skin, and by some act of God, she believed, a passerby rounded the corner. Upon witnessing an act of violence only yards away from him, the man shouted to the attacker, forcing her to flee.

During the weeks that had passed since that horrific night, the vampire's last words to her continued to resonate through her conscious memory and in her dreams. “Do not resist me. I offer you immortality. I will find you and we will walk together as sisters.”

Then came the night upon which Maria, looking outside her window, had seen the creature lurking in the shadows. Her blood ran cold, and fear cut deep into her soul upon the realization that, “The creature has found me. Oh my God, she has found me!”

Being a God-fearing young woman, Maria had sought out the counsel of her parish priest. Having had considerable experience with vampires, he'd advised her to put a large crucifix on the wall facing the window. “A vampire cannot pass by the crucifix,” he'd told her. “The power of the Lord is stronger than all the forces that Hell can muster.”

It had taken a considerable amount of time for Maria to find the perfect cross. She'd wanted one that would glow brightly enough that its light would pass beyond the bedroom window, thereby keeping the blood drinker a safe distance away. After weeks of searching in vain, she discovered a large, fluorescent cross in a vintage shop. She lost no time in placing it upon her wall; and with the object fully functional, was overcome with a great sense of relief.

“Finally, I can rest easy,” she told herself as she reached to turn out the lamp next to her bed. “For the first time in weeks, I can sleep without fear.”

Outside, a figure emerged from the shadows.

Well, there you have it. I hope you all enjoyed this excerpt. They'll be more on the way. In the meantime, keep it spooky, and thanks for being here.