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Tales of Dark Romance and Horror: Now In Paperback!

I am pleased to announce that my short story collection, which is detailed below, is now available in paperback from Lulu. It is also available at Amazon Dot Com
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The if you would like to obtain a copy of the book, just click on the banner below--and thank you!

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

About This Page

Welcome to Tales of Dark Romance and Horror!

Some of the stories presented here have sequels while others stand alone. Still others are waiting for their sequels to be written. Each tale is written to transport the reader into a world of fantasy, where dark, unusual romantic stirrings mesh with the macabre. For the most part, these stories occur here in the order in which they were written, going from top to bottom. If you choose to access the entire collection, you can always revert back to this page in order to ascertain the sequence in which the individual stories were written.

When you click on a link below the description of each piece of fiction, you will be transported to a secure website, which for a minimal donation, will grant you access to the chosen story

I'd also like to give special thanks to the following: 

To Lady-Moriendistock for allowing me to use her beautiful and most romantic photo at the top of this page. Visit her gallery here.

I offer my gratitude to Miramariann for allowing me to use a photograph of herself and her "darkling" as a cover for my story collection. You can check out her many fabulous photographs by visiting her Facebook page

To the band Tristania for use of their lyrics from the song entitled, Deadlocked. Visit Tristania's website here.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to offer words of appreciation to the Insomniac, who not only offered me sound advice on various technological problems I encountered, but especially for helping to make things fit here. Follow this link to The Insomniac's Attic,
It is my hope that you'll visit often and will enjoy what is offered here.  


A man observes a beautiful but darkly dressed woman from a distance as she walks along the edge of a country cemetery. For a few days he cannot shake her from his mind; this, for reasons he doesn't completely understand. At a special concert celebrating All Hallows Eve he spots her once again and on the following evening accompanies her on an incredible journey. By the time the sun rises on the second morning of the Day of the Dead, all is revealed. 

Click here to read Raven  

The Collective Evil

Raven returns to Fox Grove to make an urgent plea to her lover. "In my world I'm experiencing a growing dread--a sense that something evil--incongruous and destructive is coming. I would ask that you come back with me in order to help defend against whatever it is."  

Upon their return to Raven's world what they face is terrifying!

Click here to read The Collective Evil  


It's a dark and chilly November afternoon on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Taking the quietude and bleakness in stride, Jasmine walks through the gloomy streets of Sea Haven to visit her best friend's collectible shop, where she always enjoys checking out the shop's vintage doll collection. With this visit she encounters a most unique creepy doll, which has mysteriously made its way into the store. Later, as she walks home with her newest acquisition, she senses that someone or something is stalking her in the shadows. And the stalker comes right to her doorstep!

Click here to read Jessica

Angeline For All Eternity

Adam sits at the agreed-upon rendezvous point, the entrance to a deserted graveyard that lies in the shadow of an ancient castle. He is awaiting the arrival of the woman, who over the past few nights, has nearly come to possess his very soul. She has promised him that after partaking in the ritual she has planned, they will walk together for all time. As he awaits the fall of darkness, his mind replays the events leading up to this moment. 

Click here to read Angeline For All Eternity

Dark Gypsy

In this the third in the Raven series, a younger but skeptical and more traditional Goth is invited to a metal concert where the band, Dark Gypsy, will be performing. What happens at the performance is both astounding and truly magical.

Click here for Dark Gypsy  

The Cellar

The Cellar is a true account of the author's childhood growing up in a New England family that had secrets--hidden tales of encounters with the supernatural! After relentlessly pressing his father to reveal these occult experiences, a frightening world suddenly manifests itself, eventually culminating in his own brush with the paranormal.

Go here for The Cellar  

The Coven

Nighttime in Sea Haven, but the lights are still burning inside Angela's Collectables when a dark but charming stranger arrives at the door with an invitation to a meet and greet sponsored by a group that engages in consensual vampirism. "Goths and other creatu res of the night welcome," the group's webpage reads. Jasmine and Angela can hardly contain their excitement. At last, a Goth event would be taking place a reasonable driving distance away! Still, neither of the women are ready for the horrifying situation that will transpire after their arrival at the event. 

Click here to read The Coven  

The Beckoning

A man is haunted by a recurring dream. Each time it occurs he walks a wooded landscape leading to a secluded crypt where a mysterious but seductive woman beckons. The dream brings him almost to the edge of madness--and then something happens!

Follow this link to The Beckoning


Robert is an artist who specializes in the creation of Halloween decorations and figurines. He is working on his projects when he learns that the U.S. government has fallen to religious extremists. Soon he realizes that there is little choice but to take up residence on the land with his survivalist friends. Even before he has exited the city limits however, Robert begins falling under the mesmerizing allure of the young witch, Rosalie. As the group of friends stop in a cafe in the tiny mountain community of Fox Grove, they attract the attention of the town's radical and egocentric preacher, the Reverend Ronnie Crawford.   

Follow this link for Rosalie  

Ozark Howler

First published in the June/Summer 2013 issue of the Horror Zine, Ozark Howler tells the tale of Old Jack McCormick who, as a young man, lost his bride to an abominable creature that haunts a nearby bog. When Jack hears what he believes are his dog's cries of terror emanating from the swamp, he goes back to that forsaken place and comes face to face once again, with the Ozark Howler.

Click here to read Ozark Howler  

A Fall From Grace

Jessie Tucker is a promising second-year divinity student at the Good Shepherd Baptist College of Theological Studies, which is situated in a small southern city. In spite of his high grades and Zeal for the Lord, Jessie has a secret: He's obsessed with a darkly mysterious woman who passes by his home every evening at night fall. When he travels a darkened road beyond the confines of the city to learn more about her, he gets more than he bargained for. 

Click here for the entire story, A Fall From Grace

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Fall From Grace: Metamorphosis

This sequel to A Fall From Grace opens some three months after Jessie Tucker's first encounter with the vampire, Lady Andrea. Since taking up with her, Jessie's lifestyle and appearance have changed radically. His transformation and abrupt absence from the divinity college have not gone unnoticed however, and the school's chancellor, Dr. Fred Roy, launches a bold intervention designed to cast the demons out of Jessie and hence, save his soul. 

When the plan goes awry Lady Andrea, sensing Jessie's peril, performs an intervention of her own--an intervention resulting in terror, death and more transformation. 

Follow the link below to read the full story.

A Fall from Grace: Metamorphosis

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Night of the Harvestmen

On one of his visits to the city, a young man has a memorable encounter with a person he believes is the woman of his dreams. Some weeks later, after struggling to expel hordes of harvestmen from his country home, he once again encounters the lady who had stolen his heart. What starts off as a wonderfully romantic evening ends in heartbreak and horror when the harvestmen return to exact revenge. 

Night of the Harvestmen was the 2014 Writer's Workshop winner for season 9 at Horror Addicts dot net.

You can read the full story by clicking here.