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Friday, March 18, 2022

Creepy Samples Offering: Rosalie: Return of the Righteous One



It has been quite a while since I have done a Creepy Samples Offering; and, to be honest, I had fully planned on having it done before this point in time. Still, as it often happens, life can get in the way. That's my excuse, and I'll stick with it.

This is the last of the offerings from A Day of Reckoning and Other Frightful Tales. There are more tales featured inside of the book than those I have featured here, but the others are rather short--so short, that I feel it's better to not take excerpts from them, and to let the reader indulge him/herself in the full story. 

This final offering is taken from the story, Rosalie: Return of the Righteous one. This particular tale is the sequel to Rosalie, which appears in my first book, Tales of Dark Romance and Horror. It also crosses into the story-line of The Arrival of Narkissa Laveau, which appears in my second book, The Darkness Beyond the Misty Veil: More Tales of the Macabre. So, please allow me to delve into the meat of ;this year's offering. 

A young boy, who with his family lives on Haunted Mountain near the small community of Fox Grove, is found brutally murdered after being sent to perform a simple task for his mother. Even before the gruesome news comes to the Johnson Family, which also lives on Haunted Mountain, Rosalie, a young but powerful witch, expresses her intuition that some type of evil is lurking in and around the community. After learning of the boy's fate, she goes to her secret spot in the forest where she communicates with her long-deceased great-grand Mémére. After receiving her great-grandmother's guidance she decides to go to the local cemetery to see what she can learn. So, we pick up the story at the graveyard.

A vehicle pulled to the side of the highway two days later. It stopped just a short distance from, and just out of sight of the Fox Grove Cemetery. The driver turned toward his companion, handing her a flashlight before he spoke.

“I don't have a good feeling about this, Rosa. I wish you would just forget this whole idea. Whatever is going on, it doesn't directly affect us.”

“My Mémére seems to think that it will,” she responded. “You know that I had a feeling something was wrong even before we heard about the Buchanan boy. If we're in danger, or unknown forces are going to affect us, I want to know what to expect.” Her demeanor softened as she stroked his face lovingly. “Don't worry, Honey, I'll be fine.”

“Well, I'll just be at the turn around up ahead, waiting to hear from you,” Robert told her. “Call if you get into any trouble. I can get back here within a minute or two, if need be.”

She pulled him close, kissing him deeply before breaking the contact. “Will do,” she responded before exiting the vehicle. “See you soon—and don't worry!”

Rosalie waved Robert on before crossing the road. She decided not to be covert upon entering as that might cause suspicion, and instead, walked through the main entrance.

She nonchalantly passed by the grave markers, reading the various epitaphs in the deepening twilight as she made her way toward her great grandfather's final resting place. The young woman stopped upon reaching the familiar stone, and gazed down at it sadly before speaking in a voice barely more than a whisper. “You filled Mémére 's heart with joy, Grand-père. I wish I could have known you.”

Her reflections were interrupted by the sound of rustling leaves and snapping branches in the nearby woods—footsteps! Moving into a state of high alert, she shined her light in the direction of the sound, but saw nothing. The movement stopped with the flashlight's illumination.

It's probably just some forest animal, she thought to herself in an attempt at reassurance. Still, her instincts told her differently, and she had long ago learned to trust her intuitions.

Rosalie turned off the flashlight, but remained in place, looking in all directions, listening, dreading the possibility that she might soon confront some unspeakable evil.

A near silence engulfed the burial ground. There was only the sound of a gentle breeze as it swept through the treetops. The quietude was short lived, however, as the sound of footsteps from beyond the perimeter of the graveyard began anew. This time, the rustling upon the ground was accompanied by low-pitched, blood-curdling moans. They were unlike anything the young woman had ever heard before. They were unnatural, ungodly, and seemed as if they must have originated from within the very bowels of Hell. She again cast her light in the direction from which the sounds emanated, but to no avail. Whatever horror lurked nearby remained obscured, even as it shifted around menacingly.

Without warning, a church bell rang out, penetrating the relative silence of the night. It tolled from atop the steeple of the abandoned church, which adjoined the opposite end of the graveyard.

Rosalie, although startled, reacted by casting her light toward first the bell tower, then the main part of the structure and its immediate surroundings. She saw no sign of a human presence, however.

The bell rang out once again. This time, it continued to chime—solemnly, slowly; its mournful resonance echoing across the mountainous landscape. Time seemed to stand still as the bell, accompanied by the ghastly moans, still coming from the nearby woods, blended to form a dreadful cacophony, which betrayed the presence of something unspeakably sinister.

Just as quickly as the ringing had begun, it ceased, as did the grotesque vocalizations from the forest. Rosalie, completely unnerved by the experience, pulled her cell phone from her pocket and made the call.

“Robert, come git me, and hurry!”

“Be right there,” came the response.

She had just begun to make a hasty retreat toward the highway when a louder snapping of branches just to her right sounded a new alarm. Halting her retreat, Rosalie froze in place as she again shined her light in the direction of the sound, revealing a man-like figure emerging from the woods. She gasped as the being stood in place, staring at her menacingly. It had the shape and size of a man, but its skin and remaining teeth were rotted. One of its eyes was hollowed out. Its clothing was torn and ragged, but what startled her the most was the Stetson hat that sat upon its head.

Rosalie backed away in disbelief and horror. The creature growled in an act of recognition--mutual recognition!

She screamed, running for the highway as fast as her feet could carry her, reaching the two-lane just as an illumination in the distance signaled the approach of Robert's vehicle. It was when she got by the road and looked back toward the cemetery that she saw, in the growing illumination of the headlights, a darkly dressed woman, standing on the dirt road between the church and the highway. The woman was gazing in her direction; her eyes shining an unnatural green as the vehicle slowed. Her stare was compelling, even mesmerizing. Rosalie stood in place, staring back into her paranormal orbs.

Robert's voice broke the spell as he opened the passenger's door. “Come on, Rosa, get in!”

His partner broke eye contact with the woman and quickly got into the car. “Robert, look! Look!”

“Look at what? Where?”

“Over there, on the road alongside the cemetery; that woman!”

“I don't see anything,” he responded.

Like an apparition, the green-eyed one had already vanished from view.

“Never mind. Just git us out of here. Go, go!”

Robert hit the gas pedal, and the vehicle sped back toward town--and home!


Rosalie didn't look at the road ahead. She simply sat, staring downward; one hand supportmg her head.

“What the hell happened back there, Rosa?”

At first she didn't respond, and only continued covering her face.

“Come on, sweetheart, talk to me. What upset you?”

The shaken young woman slowly lifted her head, turning her attention toward him.

“It was him,” she began. “Fuck! It was really him.”

“Who?” Robert pressed with an air of impatience in his voice. “Who bothered you?”

“It was Crawford,” she continued. “I saw the Reverend Ronnie Crawford back there.”

“Now, how can that be? He's long dead. We both saw him die.”

“I'm tellin' ya,” she countered with annoyance, “it was him. But he's different. He's a monster now, a total monster.”

“Well, he always was a monster if you ask me.”

“Not that way,” she informed him. “I mean physically. He only has one eye, his teeth are rotted. So is his skin. He looks like something from out of a horror film.”

Robert was having a hard time wrapping his mind around what she was telling him, but he knew better than to question or challenge her; at least, not now.

“And that woman,” Rosalie continued. “There was something sinister about her. While I was outside the car she kept staring at me with her green eyes. I felt like she was trying to hypnotize me.”

“People can only be hypnotized if they want to be,” he interjected. “At least, that's what they say.”

“This was different. There's something about her. She's kind of magnetic. I could feel it, but she's scary as hell.”

“I've heard stories about a strange woman being around town,” Robert explained. “Thing is, nobody seems to know anything about her. She doesn't seem to live anywhere, but folks keep seeing her.”

“Yes, I've heard the stories too. Well, she's as real as I am--and so is Crawford. Somehow, she's got something to do with him.” Rosalie added, “I know it.”

The vehicle turned off the main road after passing through town. Not another word was spoken as they traversed through the dark countryside and climbed the steep terrain toward the top of Haunted Mountain, and home. 


Well, that's it for this, my latest book. I hope you have enjoyed reading these creepy offerings, or even better, the full stories in either the printed book or the ebook version. So, until next time then, keep it spooky! 

 Art work by K. Kierra.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Creepy Samples Offering: No Escape


Hello there, dear readers, and welcome to another creepy samples offering. As many of you are already aware, I just love vampire stories. So, and in that vein, today's sample will be in that tradition.

No Escape tells the tale of a rather religious young lady that is keenly aware that a vampire is pursuing her, and wants to claim her as her own. No Escape is one of the shorter stories you'll find in my latest book, so we'll just commence at the beginning of the tale.

The fluorescent cross on the wall glowed steadily, casting a soft, protective hue across the room. Beneath it, Maria slept comfortably for the first time in weeks. She had never believed in vampires before; at least, not until that night six weeks ago when a darkly dressed young woman approached her at a night club.

At first, she had been enthralled by her new acquaintance and had been impressed with her unique style of dress and accent that spoke of some exotic, faraway land. She soon discovered the true nature of her new-found friend, however, for on that very same night the mysterious woman attacked her in a dark alley. She had held Maria fast with super-human strength; and with sharp fangs bared, had placed her cool, deathlike lips upon her vulnerable neck. In that terrifying moment, Maria had come face to face with the finality of death and her own demise.

She had managed to let out a scream of absolute terror just before the woman's fangs were able to pierce her skin, and by some act of God, she believed, a passerby rounded the corner. Upon witnessing an act of violence only yards away from him, the man shouted to the attacker, forcing her to flee.

During the weeks that had passed since that horrific night, the vampire's last words to her continued to resonate through her conscious memory and in her dreams. “Do not resist me. I offer you immortality. I will find you and we will walk together as sisters.”

Then came the night upon which Maria, looking outside her window, had seen the creature lurking in the shadows. Her blood ran cold, and fear cut deep into her soul upon the realization that, “The creature has found me. Oh my God, she has found me!”

Being a God-fearing young woman, Maria had sought out the counsel of her parish priest. Having had considerable experience with vampires, he'd advised her to put a large crucifix on the wall facing the window. “A vampire cannot pass by the crucifix,” he'd told her. “The power of the Lord is stronger than all the forces that Hell can muster.”

It had taken a considerable amount of time for Maria to find the perfect cross. She'd wanted one that would glow brightly enough that its light would pass beyond the bedroom window, thereby keeping the blood drinker a safe distance away. After weeks of searching in vain, she discovered a large, fluorescent cross in a vintage shop. She lost no time in placing it upon her wall; and with the object fully functional, was overcome with a great sense of relief.

“Finally, I can rest easy,” she told herself as she reached to turn out the lamp next to her bed. “For the first time in weeks, I can sleep without fear.”

Outside, a figure emerged from the shadows.

Well, there you have it. I hope you all enjoyed this excerpt. They'll be more on the way. In the meantime, keep it spooky, and thanks for being here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Creepy Samples Offering: Theda

 Hello, Dear Reader We have arrived at the middle of October. The spooky season is upon us. What better time than this to offer you another Creepy Samples Offering.

This time I am including an excerpt from a story entitled Theda. The tale concerns a young man named Ross and his obsession with the silent-film star Theda Bara, who was at the height of her acting career during the 1910s.

We pickup the story after Ross has a vivid dream in which he finds himself in an early twentieth-century setting, where he is confronted by the object of his obsession. The question is, was it a dream or was it something else?

Theda expresses her desire to come across from her realm in order to join him in his. “You must invoke me,” she tells him in order to bring her across the divide. With his task set out before him, and with no idea how to abide by Theda's instructions, he goes to an occult shop the following day, looking for answers.

'The next day went by agonizingly slow as Ross, eager to put his plan into effect, first had to contend with some classes at school before putting in a few hours with his part-time job at the university bookstore. He finished with his commitments early in the evening, and headed directly for the local occult shop.

'The sweet fragrance of incense and the sound of slow heavy metal music caught his attention as he entered the occult shop. The young man's discomfort was visible as he searched for the item he had in mind; and, in spite of his best attempts to appear nonchalant as he browsed through the many unusual offerings, little time elapsed before the clerk approached to assist him.

' “Can I help you find something?” she inquired.

'He turned his gaze toward her, and was taken by what he saw. She was a very attractive young woman with pitch black hair, tattoos, and a nose and lip piercing. She wore a sleeveless t-shirt that said Slayer—Reign in Blood. The store clerk was unlike any woman he had ever encountered; and, although she offered him a warm smile, he was overwhelmed by her beauty and demeanor. There was something vaguely familiar about her, but he was unable to put his finger on it. Naturally, he considered the beautiful woman standing before him completely out of his league.

 ' “I uh...” he stuttered, “I'm looking for a Ouija board. A good one—a real one if you have any.” He couldn't believe that he got the words out.

'She gave him another warm smile. “It seems to me that you're a man with big plans. Come with me. We have a nice selection.”

'He followed her to another aisle, where she pointed at the items before addressing him once again.


' “These are all authentic. As you can see, they vary in appearance but will all do the trick. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

  ' “Uh, no. Thank you.”

'She offered him another smile before leaving him alone to make his selection. He looked over the merchandise carefully. This was a big step, and he didn't want to make any mistakes. Finally, he chose the board that he found most attractive, and brought it to the check out counter.

' “Have you ever used one of these before?” the clerk inquired as she placed the board in a paper bag.

' “Uh no, actually I haven't.”

' “Then you should be careful,” she explained. “These can open up the passageways between this world and the spirit world. Some people live to regret misusing these after seeing what they've brought into their lives. I recommend trying it with someone experienced first.”

' “Thank you,” he responded. “I will.” '

Well, there you have it. Theda, incidentally, is contained within the pages of my latest book entitled, A Day of Reckoning and Other Frightful Tales.

Until next time then, enjoy this spooky month of October! 

 Illustration by K. Kiera 

Monday, September 13, 2021

Creepy Samples Offering: The Amazing Dragos

 Hello there, dear readers, and welcome back to another Creepy Samples Offering. Today, I'll be presenting you with an excerpt from a story called The Amazing Dragos, which, of course, appears in my latest publication entitled A Day of Reckoning and Other Frightful Tales. 

Ordinarily, I give a bit of background before going directly into the meat of the story. Today, however, that won't be necessary as I'm going to start right at the beginning. So then, with0out further ado...

Vasile and Mihaela gazed at the mysterious woman intently. With only five minutes to go before show time, she had walked into the tent unexpectedly, making them an incredible offer.

The Amazing Dragoș, as they liked to call themselves, had been traveling the country with McKenzie & Sons, a carnival that for years had played to various county and state fairs. They were an aerial act, trapeze performers, who had never advanced to the circus; a life-long dream.

As luck would have it, the two had crossed paths at a local bar with a troupe of workers for a well-known circus, which had been setting up outside a nearby city.

“Management doesn’t know what to do,” one of the circus personnel had told them. “Our trapeze act is down with the flu or something. Perhaps you could help them out.”

This was the chance of a lifetime for the couple. Finally, their dream of performing for the circus might become a reality. They had met with management the following morning, and were given an opportunity to fill in for the sick performers. The Amazing Dragos had been scheduled to perform that very night.

In spite of their good fortune, Vasile and Mihaela had concerns; serious concerns. Both were approaching 40 years of age, and the ravages of time were beginning to take a toll upon their bodies. They desperately wanted to hit the big time, to travel with a nationally known circus, to perform as a couple on the top of their game. Yet, age was slowing them down. They were past their prime and they knew it.

The two had been attempting to soothe one another’s nerves when the strange woman approached them.

“I can make your every dream come true,” she told them. “I can give you the youthful vigor you need to succeed beyond your wildest expectations.”

“And how can you do that?” Vasile asked with skepticism.

“The details are unimportant,” the stranger responded. “You’re running out of time. Accept my offer and you’ll have a stellar night. After that, you must accompany me to my private theater and perform for my associates. Those are my terms.”

“May we speak about this privately for a moment?” Mihaela asked.

“Of course,” came the response, “but I wouldn't delay for long, if I were you. The act you're following is about to finish.”

The two stepped outside momentarily. Mihaela covered her mouth to hide her giggling as she began to speak. “Where did this woman come from?” she asked. “She can't really be serious.”

“She has got to be crazy,” her husband responded. “But let's humor her and accept her terms. It will make for a most interesting evening. Are we agreed?”

“Yes, let's do it.”

The strange woman greeted them impatiently when they returned inside. “What is your answer?” she demanded.

“We agree to your terms,” Vasile informed her.

“Yes,” Mihaela added, “we would like the stellar night you speak of.”

“Then you shall have it,” the stranger said with a knowing smile on her face. “Look into my eyes, both of you, and enjoy the sensation as the vigor of youth once again flows through your veins.”

As they gazed into her dark eyes a strange esthesis overtook them. An energetic flow of invigoration began spreading from the centers of their bodies outward—outward toward their limbs, energizing their every muscle—their every cell. Yet, there was something else as, during the passing seconds, they continued gazing into the woman's eyes. Her dark orbs seemed to them as bottomless pits, black holes leading into some unfathomable place. Her eyes seemed to hold a power over them; they could not avert their gaze. She held them fast.

After a minute or two, the stranger turned away from them. The dark spell seemed broken. In place of the temporary discomfort the two had experienced, there was only the feeling of youth. They could barely contain their energy. Their earlier feelings of doubt had been replaced by self-confidence and a sense of certitude. Tonight would be their best performance ever. They could feel it in their bones.

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, for the first time under the big top, we present to you The Amazing Dragos!”

The announcement had been made. The audience cheered and applauded as they climbed the ladders leading to their respective trapezes. The spectators laughed as clowns commenced with funny antics while the couple made their way to the tiny platforms near the top of the tent. Each of the Amazing Dragos took hold of their trapeze, and the crowd hushed. The performance was about to begin.


Well, that's it for this week. I hope you enjoyed it, and we'll see you again in a few weeks. Until then, keep it spooky. 


Monday, August 23, 2021

Creepy Samples Offering: The Resurrection of Wanette


Hello, everyone, and welcome once again to another Creepy Samples Offering! 
Today's sample comes from a story entitled "The Resurrection of Wanette." It tells the tale of a young woman named Renee who has been invited to the home of an established goth couple that she met the night before at an event. We pick up the story after Renwick and Autumn, her hosts, have been impressing her with all of their spooky furnishings. After a nice visit, Renee announces that she should probably be leaving, but the couple have one more marvel to show her.
“Do you mean to tell me that there are still more marvels to behold?” Renee inquired with a chuckle. 
“Oh yes,” Renwick responded, “the greatest marvel of them all. We wanted to save the best for last.” 
“It's downstairs,” Autumn informed her. “Follow me.”
Renee couldn't believe her eyes upon reaching the basement. She gazed in amazement at a lavish coffin occupying the far side of the room. It was beautifully polished and lined with white silk. 
Renee stared at the coffin in amazement. “'d you get it? It's amazing.” 
“It just kind of came to us,” Renwick responded. “We found it on the property one evening.”
“We consider it magical,” Autumn added, “because of the way that it just seemed to appear with nobody claiming it. Special goth points if you'd like to sleep in it.” 
“Wh....what? Really? I can sleep in it?” 
“If you'd like. It's not every goth that gets to sleep in an actual coffin,” Renwick reminded her. “And the experience will sure garner the respect of everyone in the culture.”
Autumn went to a nearby closet and returned with a sheer, black nightgown. “You can wear this for the night, then you'll really look authentic.” 
“What can I say?” Renee responded. “I'd love to do it.”
“Then it's settled,” Autumn said with a smile. “You're going to have a very unique experience.” 
“And I feel very honored that you're inviting me to do this.” 
Her hosts simply smiled without saying another word.
Renee emerged from the dressing room a few minutes later. She looked stunning, and was absolutely giddy from the attention her friends had lavished upon her. 
“You look lovely,” Autumn informed her. “I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have sleeping in our coffin. Now, there's just one more thing we need to do before you climb in and sleep for the night.” 
“Oh? What's that?” 
“Anyone who sleeps in a coffin needs to have a goth name given to them. This is a rite of passage after all,” Renwick informed her. “So, may we name you?”
“Of course,” the flattered young lady responded. 
Autumn spoke next. “Then, from this moment on, you will be known by our community as Wanette.”
“It means the pale one,” Renwick added. 
“Do you accept this name?” Autumn inquired. 
“Oh yes! Yes, I accept it, and I'm truly honored. Thank you!”
“Then we'll leave you to your experience,” Autumn concluded. Good night!” 
“Yes, good night—and thank you both!” 
The two retreated up the stairway leaving Wanette to her own devices. She turned out the light and climbed into a coffin for the very first time.
Wanette had no sooner gotten comfortable inside the casket than sleep overtook her—a deep sleep—a sleep that was more death-like than ordinary slumber. She didn't move or even breath. She had, in fact, become quite lifeless. 
Well, there you have it. That will just about do it for now. And keep in mind that the conclusion to this story can be found in my latest book, A Day of Reckoning and Other Frightful Tales. Until next time then, keep it spooky!

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Creepy Samples Offering: A Day of Reckoning



Hello everyone!  It has been two or three weeks since I posted the first in a series of Creepy Samples Offerings for my new book, "A Day of Reckoning and Other Frightful Tales." What I have for you today is a segment from the story for which the publication is named. Because this offering commences at the very beginning of the tale, there is no need for me to describe what has been going on previous to where the story picks up. So, then, let's just start at the beginning.

Jessica arose with a start, and looked around the dark room. At first glance everything seemed normal, but she couldn't shake the feeling of unease that had overtaken her. Something was wrong; yet, she couldn't determine what it might be. As the young woman turned toward the bed, she gasped in horror. Stretched out across the covers was the lifeless body of a young woman. A closer inspection revealed that it was her own body. A trail of blood trickled down from two puncture wounds on her neck.

"Oh my God," she screamed. "My God! It can't be! No! Please no!"

The horrific memory of all that had just occurred flooded her mind. She remembered turning off the
lamp on the end table, and only moments later, feeling the breath of the cold night air caressing her skin.

"I don't remember opening the window," she had mumbled to herself while arising to shut it.

Jessica recalled the electrifying fear she'd felt when she saw a darkly dressed stranger standing by the gently swaying curtains. She remembered retreating toward the door when he hissed at her threateningly before opening his mouth wide, revealing two obtrusive fangs. She recalled struggling valiantly against the stranger's attack, and vividly recollected the sharp pain in her neck as the man's incisors penetrated her soft skin. She sobbed uncontrollably as she gazed upon the body that was once hers; now lifeless and drained of its essence.

Time stood still as the young woman, filled with grief over her own passing, continued to stare at that
which had once been her earthly vehicle--a body that once experienced pain and pleasure as well as the feel of the cool wind blowing through her hair. She thought about the young man she loved waiting for her back home, and how he had no way no way of yet knowing that she would not be returning to him.

She recoiled with the thought that her best friend, with whom she was staying, would react in the morning upon discovering her dead body. Her thoughts then turned to her friends and family back home, and the good times they'd all had together. Jessica grieved for the fleeting life she once had.
Seemingly frozen in time, she struggled to make peace with that which had happened.

When Jessica could no longer bear the sight before her, she stooped over in an effort to touch her former earthly vehicle. Then, she turned and walked out the door, without even attempting to open it.

Upon her arrival in New Orleans, she'd heard stories about resident blood drinkers, but had dismissedthem as superstitious fantasy and failed to pay them any mind. Now she believed; and, as she strode out into the darkness of the night, she promised herself that she would make the creature pay for what he'd done. 

"Vampire or not," she told herself, "he'll pay a high price for what he's done to me."

Well, there you have it. We now have a ghost seeking vengeance upon the physical being responsible for her untimely death. Does she accomplish her mission, and if so, how? To find the answer you'll have to follow the links here either to Romance and Horror Dot Com, to the Lulu Bookstore, or you can find this particular story available independently on Kindle. 
Until next time then, keep it spooky and thanks for being here!

Monday, July 12, 2021

Creepy Samples Offering: Angel of Death

Hello, readers and followers. Welcome to the first Creepy Samples Offering for my new publication, A Day of Reckoning and Other Frightful Tales. This is the first of several offerings you will find here; each one, containing an excerpt from one of the stories contained inside the book. 
Today's tale is called "Angel of Death." It concerns a man named Tom Flanagan, who, due to his interest in the paranormal, is allowed to spend an entire night alone in the Boytsville Library, which exists within an old plantation-like house formerly built and owned by a family seemingly cursed with a history of tragic deaths. We pick up the story with Flanagan, having just read the final words of Scarlet Thatcher, the last of the original family members to live in the house, coming to a frightful realization. 
An unusually strong gust of wind whistled around the corners of the old building. Tree branches pounded against the windows as if attempting to gain access to the building itself. Emotionally shaken and now fearful, Tom turned his attention once again to the diary's very last page. The author's last words invoked in him a sense of profound sadness as well as personal terror. 
"Tonight, I myself witnessed the appearance of the dark being that has plagued my family for so long. The others are gone, and I know now that I will soon fall victim to its inescapable grip of death. I wish for only one thing. May my chronicles survive the passage of time and serve as a warning to anyone who may one day discover them. Beware this harvester of souls, this Angel of Death! 
February, 24, 1904”
Tom closed the book and placed it on the shelf. His blood flowed like ice through his veins as he pondered all that had transpired this night. Tonight, I saw the same angel that Scarlet had seen. I'm sure of it. It was not just my imagination, or an optical illusion. I'm sure of it now. 
The frightened man could quell neither his thoughts nor his fear. He had seen a ghostly figure—a woman; probably Scarlet. And the books falling to the floor with her diaries opened? Could she have been trying to warn him? 
The sound of a woman's mournful cry interrupted his thoughts. The sorrowful voice, although not loud, reverberated throughout the library. A profound understanding took hold even as pure, unbridled terror gripped him to the core of his being. She's crying for me! Scarlet's mourning over me! 
Then, he saw it; a dark-robed, hooded figure gazing at him from the other side of the building. Its icy stare boring into his very soul. The figure began moving toward him—slowly, methodically—drawing ever closer with each step; its eyes never breaking contact. Tom lost all composure as the being approached.
“No! No! Get away from me. Please, go away!”
Well, there you have it! For information on where you can find this and my other publications, just go to the the introduction at the top of this front page. 
Thanks for reading. Keep it spooky, y'all!
Illustration by K. Kiera. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

A Day of Reckoning and Other Frightful Tales


I am pleased to announce the publication of my next book, which is entitled A Day of Reckoning and Other Frightful Tales. 

Here lies the tale of a young woman, her life taken away by a cruel blood drinker while vacationing in New Orleans, who seeks to destroy the one that sent her to the ghostly realms. On these pages you will find the story of a young man who, obsessed with a firm starlet long ago deceased, strives to bring her across the veil from the realms of the dead, to the world of the living. Perhaps he should be careful what he asks for.

All is not well around the small Ozark town of Fox Grove, as the ghastly killing of a young boy and the intuition of the young witch, Rosalie, forces her and her family to not only confront a former enemy, now resurrected from the depths of Hell, but the Vampire Narkissa Laveau herself. All of this and much more is contained within the pages of this book,

 A Day of Reckoning and Other Frightful Tales is available on Lulu, where you can find both the print and ebook versions in the Lulu Bookstore. The new publication is also available at Amazon, on Kindle, and other places where books are sold. 

During the days and weeks ahead, I will be bringing back several of my Creepy Samples Offerings, which will provide excepts from several of the stories contained within the pages of this book. 

Thank you for being here!

       A.D. Vick


Saturday, February 1, 2020


An overly shy college student, who is enamored with the long-deceased actress, Theda Bara, is transported one night across the veil that separates the realm of the living from that of the dead. It is here that, to his astonishment, the beautiful silent-film star appears, and seductively convinces him that, if he can only invoke her presence properly, she could join him on his side of the veil. As the young man returns to the earthly realm and begins working toward that goal, he is completely unaware of what his actions will lead to.
This is the theme of my latest piece of short fiction entitled "Theda." It is now available exclusively on Kindle.

Just click on the link below to be taken to the Kindle Store where you can find more information. 

To purchase or for more information go here.


Sunday, June 23, 2019

A Day of Reckoning

A young woman awakes suddenly during the night. She arises and looks around the dark room. Something doesn't seem right, but she can't place the source of her discomfort. She glances behind her; and, much to her horror, discovers the source of her discomfort. Lying on the bed is her own dead body. Two puncture wounds on her neck reveal the horrible truth. She had fallen victim to a blood drinker, and now her earthly life was over.

"Vampire or not," she tells herself, "he's going to pay for what he's done to me." She sets out to do just that.

So begins my latest novelette entitled, "A Day of Reckoning." It is now available exclusively on Kindle, and you can find it here.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Creepy Samples Offering: Highway 365

Hello there, Dear Readers, and welcome back for the final installment of the Creepy Samples Offerings. I hope you have enjoyed reading the story excerpts presented here,and if you would like to read them to their conclusion you can click on the link to my website, which is found under "About" on the right hand column. Everything you need to know is provided there. 

I am working on new material, which at some point in the not too distant future, will coalesce into another publication. At that time, I hope to return here with more Creepy Samples Offerings. 

Today's tale is called "Highway 365." This piece is found in my book entitled "The Darkness Beyond the Misty Veil: More Tales of the Macabre." The story concerns a man with an interest in the paranormal who travels to an area south of Little Rock, Arkansas in order to drive Highway 365, a road long reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman; particularly, on stormy nights.

We pick up the story after the protagonist turns onto the highway during a heavy thunderstorm:
The rain began to slow by the time I reached the Woodson's outskirts. Still, I maintained a slow speed, hoping against hope that I would see something significant. My eyes danced back and forth as I searched for an apparition or anything that signaled the presence of the supernatural. Although the worst part of the storm had passed, rain continued coming down at a steady pace. The flashes of lightning, though retreating toward the south east, continued to illuminate the landscape, offering me short but enhanced views of my surroundings.

I approached what appeared to be a small bridge when the sudden glare of headlights from behind caught my attention. I gazed into the rear-view mirror to take quick measure of the situation. When my eyes returned to the road I gasped in horror. The figure of a human being stood almost directly ahead of me only a few yards away. I hit the breaks as hard as I could while swerving into the oncoming lane.

For a few seconds I sat there stunned—overcome by the sudden flash of adrenaline pulsing through my veins. The figure hurried over to the passenger side of my vehicle, I could see that it was a young woman.

She was dressed in a long white gown that was drenched through and through. The garment, which most certainly had been attractive and alluring earlier in the evening was stained with blood and mud. Opening the passenger-side door, I could see a deep, bloody gash across her forehead. There was another just below her cheekbone. I suspected that she had suffered other injuries as well. 

“I'm....I'm so sorry,” I told her apologetically as she got in. “Where did you come from? I didn't see you.”

The vehicle from behind was approaching, so I quickly got out of the way by crossing over to the southbound lane and pulling onto the shoulder. I reached into the back seat and retrieved an extra jacket I'd left there. I wrapped it around her shoulders in an attempt to warm her. She was cold—very cold to the touch. 

“You're hurt. You need a doctor,” I told her as I gently used a wad of leftover napkins to tend to her wounds. “Is there a hospital nearby? You need stitches.”

At first she stared straight ahead in silence without saying a word. I needed answers if I was going to help her, but as I contemplated her condition, I considered the possibility that she might have been in shock. I decided to handle the situation with the utmost gentility. Calming my demeanor, I posed another question to her. 

“Do you live nearby?”

She turned toward me imploringly and slowly lifted her left hand, pointing straight ahead. “Redfield,” she said in little more than a whisper. “Take me to Redfield.” 

At that moment my heart melted as I took in her beauty—her exquisitely chiseled face, her resplendent breasts, only partially covered by her dress; this, in spite of her disheveled condition. Within a minuscule flash of time-- a split second perhaps, a vision came to me. 

She and I were at a dance—a prom perhaps. I'd been considering my good fortune in accompanying her to the event. We were a couple; and, as I took in the sight of her golden-blonde hair cascading over the soft skin of her shoulders, I knew I was in love. 

She removed her gaze and I snapped back to reality. The realization that my passenger needed medical attention took precedence, and I turned back onto the highway and headed in the direction of Redfield, 

There you have it! Many thanks to you all for being here over these past 11 or so months, and remember, keep it spooky !

Photo, A Place to Hide by Sandra H. appears courtesy of Gothic Pictures Gallery.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Creepy Samples Offering: A Fall From Grace: The First Hunt

Greetings to you all, Dear Readers. It's May 15 and that means it's time for another Creepy Samples Offering. This one is a bit special as it's the next to last sample offering for awhile. It's hard to believe, but I've been doing these twice per month since around the beginning of July of last year. So yes, we're getting near the end--for now!
In any event, in today's offering we return to the adventures of the Vampire Lady Andrea and Jessie Tucker. "A Fall From Grace: The First Hunt" is found in my second publication entitled, "The Darkness Beyond the Misty Veil: More Tales of the Macabre.
We pick up the story in the darkness of Louisiana's Kisatchie Bayou, where Lady Andrea has been unnerving, pursuing, and then mesmerizing Eddie Canton, Jessie's assailant, with seductive images.

“Ugh!” He shouted, confused by the sudden cut off from the titillating experience. “Wh....what happened? Why don't ya do what ya want to and get it over with?”
“Because I got what I wanted,” she responded. “You just damned your god and everything you've ever stood for. I have now prepared you to enter the place that lies beyond the gates of Hell.”
Canton realized the truthfulness of what she spoke. He had indeed done as she'd said.
“You tricked me with all that sexy stuff,” he informed her. “You tricked me!”
Lady Andrea laughed heartily before responding. “Do you really believe that I'd want to provide you with pleasure after you smashed my Jessie's head with a rock, killing him? No, there is another who will have the pleasure of draining you of your life's essence, and I will lead you to him.”
She began walking in his direction; the self-confidant smile and hungry expression never disappearing from her face. The frightened man dropped his fishing tackle and moved quickly in the direction of the bayou, screaming as he ran. “Help! Somebody help me!”
Eddie Canton's gait outpaced his limited field of vision. More than once he blindly stumbled over the underbrush, only to quickly right himself and continue on toward the bayou.
Moving through the darkness, Eddie could hear voices calling to him from the direction of the camp. “Over here,” he shouted with a shortness of breath. “Over here!”
The thick woods abruptly opened up before him, revealing the same location where he had spent the last couple of hours fishing. As Eddie rushed toward the water's edge, a dark figure, as if from out of nowhere, took position directly in front of him, blocking his path. The dim light of the lantern shone upon the figure's pale features, and the panic-stricken man gasped in sheer horror.
“Je....Jessie? Is that you?”
The strange figure inched closer to him as he spoke. It's Jess of the House of the Crescent Moon now, Eddie. Are you surprised to see me?”
Canton attempted moving backward, but his escape was blocked by the woman.
“How can this be?” Eddie asked. “You're ….”
“Dead?” Jess responded. “Indeed I am; and yet, I'm standing before you. Pray to your god,” Jess continued, “for you too are about to join the ranks of the deceased.”

There you have it! We'll see you around the beginning of next month for the final offering. Until then, keep it spooky!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Creepy Samples Offering: The Reaper's Hand

Hello, Dear Readers, and welcome back once again to another Creepy Samples Offering. 

It's a cloudy, gloomy day here in in the Ozark Mountains with the threat of stormy weather on the horizon. What better time could there be to feel a little....well, spooky?

Today, I'd like to talk about the Case of Travis Wilson. Mr. Wilson is an aging man who, obsessed with staying young, has taken it upon himself to live a healthier lifestyle. Part of his obsession is due to the fact that, in his younger days, he had never experienced any type of meaningful, romantic relationship. Part of his staying young strategy revolved around running, an activity he took part in quite often. On one particular evening however, his run through a local park takes on a new meaning. So, let's take a few paragraphs from the story entitled "The Reaper's Hand," and see just what has made Travis' run so urgent. The story incidentally, is found in my book, "The Darkness Beyond the Misty Veil: More Tales of the Macabre. 

This evening was different however. Travis ran along the darkening trail with the terrifying realization that his deepest fear followed in close pursuit. He had first seen the hooded and black-robed angel standing in the early-morning shadows of his bedroom that morning. He spotted it a second time in the afternoon and once more this evening, while relaxing in his easy chair reading the newspaper. He knew what it all meant; the final reckoning was at hand. The third sighting was too much for him and the thought of his impending death filled him with a sense of terror unlike anything he’d ever experienced.

The dark angel of death had come calling, but Travis wasn’t ready to leave his earthly life behind.
In a panic, the old man screamed at the unwanted visitor.“No, no, you can’t take me. I want to live!”

Travis scuttled toward the nearby forest trail without even bothering to lock the doors. He would continue to cheat death the only way he knew; by running.

The frightened old man kept a steady pace as he careened through autumn’s deepening twilight. He occasionally cast a quick glance behind, only to see death’s angel walking in his direction under the half-naked trees. The Reaper neither gained on him nor fell behind, but continued to keep pace. Travis knew he couldn’t run indefinitely. He would tire soon and he desperately needed some other way by which he could escape the relentless being pursuing him. The opportunity came when he confronted a young couple jogging in his direction. 

“Please, please!” He implored them. “I’m being pursued. Can you take me to your vehicle? I’ve got to get away from here. Someone’s after me.”

“I don’t see anyone,” the younger man replied after a quick look around.

Travis pointed directly at the frightening figure, which continued moving in his direction.
“He’s right there, heading this way. How can you not see him?”

“You’re crazy, old man. There’s nobody there.”

Travis grabbed the woman’s shoulders, shaking her in desperation.

“I know you can see him,” he insisted. “Please get me away from here!”

The woman’s companion moved swiftly, pushing Travis away from his companion, forcing him backward.

“Keep your hands off her you crazy geezer!”

Well, that's it for this time around. Until next time then, keep it spooky. 

Photo courtesy of Gothic Pictures Gallery.