Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Creepy Samples Offering - August 1 Edition

Once again, it's time for another Spooky Samples Offering. This time, the excerpt comes from a story entitled, "The Collective Evil," which is the second of my "Raven" series.
In this tale we once again glimpse into the Land of the Dead, where an unspeakable evil wreaks havoc with the inhabitants thereof.
Let's join a band of Fae horsemen as they plan their defenses against the evil that threatens their existence:

Somewhere out in the darkness of the night, Lord Sorin signals the other horsemen to stop, even as he attempts to quell his own mount’s nervousness; this, after hearing what appears to be an explosion - one that is quickly followed by a hideously-low growl – an almost sadistic, yet sickeningly vile sound. “What in the name of the Goddess was that?” he asks aloud – his question not aimed at anyone in particular.

One of the other riders, a woman, approaches and stops at his side. She removes the hood that has been restricting her hair, and giving her head a shake, frees her long curly locks. Her hair is so intensely red that its color can be discerned even on a night as gloomy as this. “During all of the time that I have lived in the land of Mircea, I’ve never heard a sound as horrific as that.”

“Neither have I Alexandreina. And I cannot believe that this is not some hideous manifestation that has come to us by way of the humans.”

“Perhaps, but we cannot forget that the human world likely contains as much diversity of thought and action as does our own. Earlier tonight, you spoke with the human witch that took residence here after her departure from the Earth plane. What are her plans?”

“She intends to consult with her familiar, the one named Sebastian. I must admit that he displays magnificent powers of perception. I would…”

“Then I must attempt to contact her clairvoyantly, she interrupts, “I doubt that whatever is afoot here can be defeated by bow, arrow and sword alone. I suggest that we hold up here for awhile and that you and the others allow me the solitude needed to make contact.”

“I will make it so Alexandreina.”

Their conversation concluded, she leaves his side and rides off in search for a place of solitude. As the sound of her horse’s hoofs retreats toward a nearby rock formation, something new becomes audible. It is the sound of a traumatized people –screaming – fleeing from some unspeakable horror that lurks somewhere in the darkness. 

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this week's sample and will come back here again around August 15 for the next Spooky Samples Offering.  Until then, keep it creepy!

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