Sunday, September 3, 2017

September Creepy Samples Offering: Angeline for All Eternity

We now find ourselves at the beginning of September and that can mean only one thing. It's time once again for the next Creepy Samples Offering!

Today's excerpt comes from the story, "Angeline for All Eternity." We begin with a young man named Adam, sitting at the entrance of an age-old cemetery. He is waiting for nightfall and the arrival of a mysterious, alluring woman he'd met just the night before.

"I am Angeline, the Lady of Darkness," she had told him. Now, after the previous night's encounter, he was willing to follow her wherever she would take him.

"Still sitting on the stone wall, his thoughts momentarily return to the present. It is twilight now, and the crickets once again announce the commencement of their nightly mating ritual. He looks around and gazes into the deepening darkness but still sees no sign of her.

"At this point his thoughts again revert to his recent encounters with her—to the way she endearingly touches his face while gazing deeply into his eyes—to their first kiss and her
cold but intoxicating lips upon his—kissing roughly—biting…Within the course of just three nights she brought her prospective lover to a state of delirium. THEN SHE

"It was at the end of their meeting on the previous night when she spoke the words he wanted to hear: 'You want to be with me don’t you Adam? I can feel your desire—your craving for me. Well, I crave you too my love—in ways that you cannot even fathom. I want your life—your essence to become a part of me.'

"Gently stroking his hair and face she continued. 'I ask only one simple pleasure from you. I demand a ritual that I believe will be equally as pleasurable for you as for me. If you trust me enough to consent to this it will seal our bond as life partners; you will have gained my eternal love and affection. We will walk together through this world in unison and with undying devotion to one another.'

Although he would have consented to just about anything she desired at that moment Adam made a feeble attempt at cohesiveness by offering a question. '“What type of ritual
do you want me to take part in? What is it that you want?”'

'“I ask only that you allow me to drink some of your blood,”' she responded. “I won’t hurt you and I believe that you’ll find it to be a most pleasurable experience, but that is what I ask.'
She looked at him imploringly and with a hunger—no, thirst that he’d not seen in her before.

'“You’re a vampire? I heard that some people were into that, but I never thought that I would meet anyone who was.'

'“Shh, she admonished him while putting a finger gently to his lips. 'Let your thoughts dwell upon this, and if you agree, meet me at the old cemetery on the north side of town tomorrow evening. I will come to you after the darkness descends. If you want to be mine, wait for me by the entrance way, for I will certainly come to you.'

"With that she gave him one more endearing kiss, turned and slowly disappeared into the

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this week's entry. Until next time, keep it spooky!

Photo source: Gothic Pictures Gallery  

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